a honeypot ssh server in Go

honey-ssh-pot Curious about who and how attempts ssh login to your home server ? Me too… So I wrote a very simple ssh honeypot, just to collect interesting info about the kind guys who knocks my door :) warning: this is safe, but don’t run the service (well, ANY service) as root user. Even better if you can run it as a dedicate unprivileged user. This program is only for didactic use and not intended for deployment in a production network environment. If you want to have it exposed on the public internet, you must map port 22 of your wan router to the internal server port ( 2222 by default)… Do it at your risk! ...

June 26, 2018 · Andrea Manzini

Automate Cisco ssh connections with plink in Windows

A quick and dirty way to send a bunch of commands to any ssh device (in my case, Cisco appliances)… create a plain old batch file with commands echoed inside: execute the batch, piping its output to plink.exe (putty command link ssh client): c:\> commands.bat | plink -ssh -l username -pw password

May 27, 2013 · Andrea Manzini