compare package version across distros

TLDR: This script now answers the question “Do some of my openSUSE packages have newer versions in other distros?” As a following on previous post, I added an useful feature in order to have more information about a package. Since I maintain some openSUSE packages, I want to be informed if they gets outdated and if other packagers have released newer versions. ...

January 9, 2023 · Andrea Manzini

get update info about packages

being lazy, I made a small utility to check last pkgs update date on Open Build Service. You can find the project repository on my github, but it’s so simple I can paste also here. The usage is pretty simple: just run the command giving it a package name, and then it will tell you when it was last updated. With this information, you can decide/check if the package needs some work on! ...

November 24, 2022 · Andrea Manzini

get notifications about openQA job status

I got bored of ‘waiting’ for an OpenQA openSUSE job to complete, so I wrote this quick and dirty script… For the same purpose there’s also the excellent and full-fledged openqa-mon, but I took the chance to learn something by implementing a simpler version myself. ...

October 5, 2022 · Andrea Manzini

Automate Cisco ssh connections with plink in Windows

A quick and dirty way to send a bunch of commands to any ssh device (in my case, Cisco appliances)… create a plain old batch file with commands echoed inside: execute the batch, piping its output to plink.exe (putty command link ssh client): c:\> commands.bat | plink -ssh -l username -pw password

May 27, 2013 · Andrea Manzini